The whimsical yet colorful illustrations of Dhakayeah reminds us of a city few have experienced, but most have only dreamed of. Blending the old and new, Dhakayeah is a visual poetry of a booming city with a nostalgia for its past.


Dhakayeah's content is largely inspired by the character of Dhaka city as a whole. Magic Realism, Escapism, Romance are few of the themes that DhakaYeah! loves to explore and these are quite recurring in its works. Other than the world of contemporary art and illustration, performing arts is a great source of inspiration for DhakaYeah – be it a great movie, play, or a song.

Going with the global trend, DhakaYeah has been promoting unique illustrations on the tech savvy platforms of Instagram and Facebook. This website will allow purchasing high quality art prints from any part of Bangladesh. 

Registered address: 669/5 Moghbazar, Gabtola, Dhaka- 1217.

Trade Licence number: 155196 


Our Team

Md. Maruful Hoque Maruf , Registered Proprietor

Graduated from University of Toronto, Canada. He manages the brand and a big time art enthusiast. He has been working tirelessly to promote the country's cities, people and culture through the artworks of Dhakayeah.


Fairose Yasmin , Marketing & Production

Completed her post graduation from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She oversees the production and creates promotional materials.


Zishan Sajid Mahmood , Communication

He completed his post graduation from La Trobe University, Australia. He is working as a copywriter for the brand.